Top 20 Questions Searched on Google. Answered.

20 Questions You’ve Asked & Some Answers You May or May Not Want.

So, I stumbled across this list of top questions searched on Google.

Here’s the top 20 questions and my answers for them:

1            what is my ip

I can’t tell you the answer to this one, but maybe I know for a fact that it’s not, because then you wouldn’t be googling.

2            what time is it  

5:43pm ET

3            how to register to vote

I don’t vote so not sure. Also which country and vote for what?

4            how to tie a tie

With your hands. Jk, I mean I’m not wrong, but put the wide end down to your knee. Cross it over the small part. Loop the big part through the V. Circle it and wrap it through the right side of the V. Do the same but with the left part of the V. Now wrap the whole V with the big part then feed it through the loop you just made. Pull and tighten.  Windsor knot… mic drop. Feel free to ask questions in comments.

5            can you run it   

Oh yeah. I can run it.

6            what song is this

Speechless by Dan + Shay.

7            how to lose weight       

Don’t eat junk. Stop sitting all day. I mean yeah there’s a million weight loss programs, but you know what needs to be done. Also, try raising your metabolism. Look up, “How to raise my metabolism?”

8            how many ounces in a cup        

  1. The irony! Come on people.

9            when is mothers day

She’s your mom every day, but May 12, 2019.

10          how many ounces in a pound   

  1. I’m assuming your talking about the measurement not the currency.

11          how many ounces in a gallon

8 oz in a cup. 16 cups in a gallon. 8 x 16 = 128 ounces in a gallon

12          how many weeks in a year

  1. Oh wait no that’s the answer to life… 52 weeks in a year, yeah that’s it.

13          when is fathers day      

People show more importance to mother’s day. I don’t think fathers care as much about having a day? I think they’d prefer a day with their bed and toilet. That’s a father’s day. June 16, 2019 is the official day though.

14          what is my ip address   

Lol. The people that feel the need to put “address” to the end of ip.

15          can i run it

I mean I can so shouldn’t you be able to?

16          how to get pregnant

Umm… I think you know. But true love.

17          how to download youtube videos

Isn’t that a built in feature now, at least for mobile. Also, there’s a plugin for that.

18          how to screenshot on mac

Command + Shift + 3. Windows users know how to take screenshots, but mac users don’t. Love it!

19          how old is donald trump            

The interweb says 72. That can’t be… can it?

20          how to lose weight fast

Call up Rick from Honey I Shrunk My Kids. It’s all about the metabolism people! And sleep properly.


Hope you enjoyed this post!

Questions for you:

  • What would you answer for these questions?
  • From 1-10, how ridiculous are these top 20 most searched questions?

See you in comments.

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