Living in United States vs. Ecuador – Part 1: Food

Myth: US doesn’t have good food because it’s all from other countries. Not authentic.

Fact: US has tons of good food because of how diverse the citizens are.

Myth: Ecuador food is like Mexican food.

Fact: It really isn’t. Ecuador food is like any other third world country. With the exception of some restaurants in tourist cities (but those don’t really count).

Potatoes are the life-line; fried, boiled, mashed, mashed then fried, etc.



  • Fresh, super fresh.
  • The fruits are amazing.
  • Fresh bread every day.


  • The food taste weird.
  • Not enough good stuff imported. If it is, it’s super expensive. Like, Nutella is four times more expensive than Costco in the States.

United States


  • Food from chefs around the world.
  • The burgers and pizzas are so good.


  • So many GMO’s, BPA’s and all the acronyms.

Ecuador vs US food comic

What is Ecuadorian food?

Ecuador is all about lunch. The lunches generally consist of a meat or fish item, such as beef, chicken or fish. With a side of rice, salad, and maybe lentils or beans. And lots and lots of potatoes.

A soup is nearly always served before the meal. The thing about Ecuador soups, is that it’s all about mystery meats. They essentially cube a whole chicken and you get what you get.

You get a juice on the side (and delicious juice, point Ecuador). Juices: berry, pineapple, passion fruit and they drink a lot of sweet tea.

Breakfast. Generally, Ecuadorians eat an egg, bread and coffee. The beauty of South America and Europe is fresh bread on a daily basis. In the States, you don’t go to the local bakery every morning (if you do, that’s awesome, let me know which city you live in).

Sadly, there are very few coffee shops in Ecuador. I love coffee shops.

Dinner. Many Ecuadorians eat something light (take light with a grain of salt) for dinner, maybe some rice and potatoes.

Food that’s eaten with any meal: maduros and tostones (bananas), potatoes. Potatoes are the life-line; fries, boiled, mashed, mashed then fried, etc.

The Consensus

Both US and Ecuador had good food and terrible food. But…

US has much more good food than Ecuador.

Questions For You:

  • What’s your favorite food?
  • Does it originate from US or Ecuador?

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