Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality vs. Reality

What are VR, AR and all the R’s?


VR: you can see a bunch of fake cool stuff.

AR: you can see fake stuff and the real world at the same time.

The Alphabet: you can sing a song out of it.

I think we have a clear winner.

Oh and by the way, Reality is a figment of your imagination.

Wait, why didn’t he mention mixed reality?

Sorry, I just forgot.

JK, the reality (pun) is that Mixed Reality is the same as Augmented Reality. I’m not gonna call it MR.

This article is going to be AR vs. VR.

VR: you can see a bunch of fake cool stuff.

AR: you can see fake stuff and the real world at the same time.

Augmented Reality

The easiest way to understand AR would be a HUD (Head Up Display). You’ve probably heard of or seen a HUD in the form of driving instructions (GPS) being shown to the driver as if the instructions were on the street.

Another example is pilots of modern fighter jets, they use HUDs or AR to see different gauges and receive targeting help from computers.

Virtual Reality

VR is really cool. Your entire visual and audio surroundings are in a virtual world. (Shocker I know!)

When I first heard of VR my reaction was “meh.” When you see someone else using VR, it’s like “what are they on?” All you can see is some video game on a monitor, it looks lame and normal.

But, when I tried VR out for my self at a friends house, I could not take that headset off. It was hands down one of the most incredible experiences ever!

There is nothing in life quite like Virtual Reality.

You can be a Jedi and deflect lasers with a light saber. You can be an archer and protect the castle drawbridge. You can fix robots (it’s cooler than it sounds).

If you want to get excited about VR, watch Ready Player One (or read it, I guess, if that’s your thing).

Ready Player One shows just what VR could become an alternate reality, where you can be, do and build anything you want.

Can you imagine playing Rocket League in VR? I don’t really know how that would work, but I want to try it.

The possibilities are endless, that’s what I love about VR.

The Future

What needs to happen to facilitate an alternate reality life?

VR needs to be what is depicted in Ready Player One.

  • Headsets:
    • Un-tethered
    • Powerful
    • Super high resolution displays
  • Omni-directional treadmill style standing surface

AR for medics. AR could be used for surgeons it could provide real time info about the patient and how-to videos (I’m kidding). Apparently, there is vein finders and stuff, I guess that could be useful?

Doctors could have patients X-rays and things of that nature up during surgery.

AR and VR are awesome technologies that have a great future!


  • Are you excited for VR or AR?


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