Work at a Coffee Shop – Humanity Needs Coffee

Work at a Coffee Shop

I am trying to achieve three things with this post:

  1. Encourage people to work in coffee shops
  2. Present to you a paper I wrote in college about coffee
  3. Pick peoples minds who work/ed at coffee shops

If you work/ed at a coffee shop, please answer (in comments) the question at the bottom of this post.

My coffee tastes have changed a bit since I wrote the following paper. I like more coffee, less sweet now.

The message is still the same however. After reading this piece, I’m hoping you might think about working as a barista at a coffee shop. It’s about the culture people.

My mom and I at Storyville Coffee in Seattle, WA, USA
My mom and I at Storyville Coffee in Seattle, WA, USA

Humanity Needs Coffee

Here is the paper I wrote in college about coffee titled Humanity Needs Coffee:
Coffee: the beverage that fuels humanity. Coffee wakes you up, gives you pleasure, and creates many, many jobs. Have you ever heard, “we can get started as soon as I have my coffee?” Coffee is so essential that if you stop drinking it, you will get a headache. Billions of people wake up every morning starting their day with hot cup of coffee. Some like a nice French roast drip coffee, a mocha, or latte. There are so many types of coffee, this would no longer be an essay if I listed them all. Coffee is written in history and is making history.

I am writing this piece around 2pm, drinking a latte I made with my Starbucks barista machine. Earlier this morning, I drank a French roast drip coffee made with my Keurig. I put vanilla creamer in all the coffees I make at home, that is how I like it. l usually get a black and white mocha when I am out. The black and white mocha consists of two pumps chocolate syrup and two pumps white chocolate syrup. Sometimes when I feel like it, I will get a latte or regular mocha. In the summer, I will often buy an iced hazelnut macchiato, milky, sweet, and rejuvenating. As you can see, I am a big fan of coffee, and drink it daily. A contributing factor is the ease of access I have to good coffee shops; I live in the Pacific Northwest, in a city called Sammamish not too far from Seattle, the great coffee headquarters. Starbucks originated in Seattle, now Starbucks is a multi-billion-dollar company. The area where I live adores Starbucks and its baby, coffee. I am surrounded by coffee, it’s hard not to love it.

Coffee is such a big deal, that when someone over 18 doesn’t drink coffee, it’s surprising. There is nothing that could substitute coffee. Coffee can be whatever temperature you like, provides the right amount of caffeine, and comes in so many flavors, that there is a cup for everyone, every day. There is no other drink people could look to, to fill those requirements the way coffee does. When you ask someone if they are a coffee drinker, ninety percent of the time is a major “Oh yeah!” Then there is that five percent that’s like “actually, I am tea drinker.” Everyone else is thinking, what is wrong with you? Whatever you say queen of England. Then there is that other five percent that just drinks water, they have no guts.

People who drink coffee are the ones who run the world! Except for the queen of England, granted that all she does is drink tea. Along with every movie starring a big shot millionaire there is an assistant striving for more, what does that assistant bring to the office every morning? Two cups of coffee! Made to perfection the way the big shot wants it. Coffee is what we want, not tea, not water, coffee.

Have you walked into a coffee shop and seen a family, smiling holding a bag of “oh so wonderful coffee beans”? Their livelihood depends on people worldwide buying the coffee beans they grow. Then people are hired to transport the coffee to locations worldwide. There are also thousands of people employed by coffee shops. Coffee shops provide support for local artists, by displaying and selling their art, photography, and music. Others repair, weld, and manufacture coffee and milk frother machines. The point is that there is a great number of jobs provided by the production, transportation, and distribution of coffee. Without coffee, there would be so many less jobs. Buying coffee supports families worldwide.

Not only is coffee a beverage, but the basis of an atmosphere. Coffee shops are places where people work, chat, and relax. I have noticed that most coffee shops go for a cozy industrial design. A place where people are comfortable, but allow them to use their imagination and be inspired. Most coffee shops have a bar, a lounge, tables, and an outdoor backyard party seating area. Coffee shops provide somewhere for people to sit whatever the occasion may be. Without coffee, there would be no coffee shops, which would take away jobs, restrooms, and workplaces; changing many people’s lives for the worse. Can you imagine a world without coffee and the shops selling them?

The next time you drink coffee you will be reminded of the people you are supporting. You will be stimulated and inspired to accomplish more. You will be happy, knowing you are drinking a part of history, and the beverage that powers humanity. A beverage that calms grandpa before he goes to sleep. Remember, coffee is what happens before great things are done.

I’m hoping you might think about working as a barista at a coffee shop. It’s about the culture people.

Question for those of you who work or have worked at a coffee shop:

  • What tips do you have for people that want to work at a coffee shop?

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