My College Canteen



  1. a restaurant provided by an organization such as a military camp, college, factory, or company for its soldiers, students, staff, etc.

    synonyms: restaurant, cafeteria, refectory, mess hall;

Cafeterias, Cafes: The Hearts of a Campus

Nasty. The best word to describe the food that the Bellevue College cafeteria produced.

I attended Bellevue College (near Seattle, WA, USA) for two years. The food was terrible, the coffee was ok, the vibe was young and chill. BC very diverse, both age-wise and racially. Most of the food staff was of Asian descent, I think it was because many of them came to study and it’s convenient to study and work at the same place.

The canteen is in a central location on the campus. There is another coffee shop north of the canteen. In the same building as the canteen there is a coffee shop.

That’s the café I hanged out at most. I used the know the baristas name. I loved that place.

On a cold day I’d swing by for a chai latte. The coffee was not worth drinking, the chai lattes were better.

On a hot day I’d stop for an iced vanilla latte. That was my staple drink for my second year at BC.

Often times though I’d go off campus to grab a burger or teriyaki take it back to the café, setup my laptop with some Netflix and chill for an hour before class. That was the best!

What drags on in the present; is just a moment in the past.

– Me

Canteen Vibe

The vibe was cool.

You’d have someone playing the piano, another playing the guitar.

The nerds playing smash bros on the TV. Other nerds playing card games. I’m not talking poker, I’m talking those card games with characters on them and stuff.

Others studying and a few groups working on a presentation.

I could feel the creativity in the air. It was an amazing place to hang out.

I was a loner, that’s kind of my thing though.


  • Got any good memories from your high school/college canteen?

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