ESS Take on Bill and Melinda Gates 2019 Annual Letter & Marques Brownlee’s Interview with Bill

The World is Full of Surprises

This morning, I watched Marques Brownlee’s (MKBHD) interview with Bill Gates. They talked about Bill and Melinda Gates annual letter of 2019.

Bill noted that when writing their annual letter, he and his wife focused on “surprises.”

Marques asked Bill about four main things before asking if he can still jump over a chair:

  1. Emissions/Electric Vehicles
  2. AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  3. Are things looking up? Moving in the right direction?
  4. How can your average non-billionaire human being help with global issues?

Emissions/Electric Vehicles


Teslas = to expensive.

Electricity production = still using fossil fuels.

So, when are electric vehicles going to be a solution?


Inexpensive electric cars + energy from renewable energy = we’re in business.


I completely agree. How can electric vehicles really be eco-friendly when the energy comes from burning stuff?

I also agree with Marques that Teslas are pretty cool.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI is all people can talk about right now. I don’t know as much as I’d like about AI. I’m going to listen to some books about it. More blog posts on AI coming in the future.

Artifical Intelligence (AI)
AI is not quite what people think it is, but it is still incredibly powerful.

What AI can do in a positive manner according to Bill:

Find patterns that humans can’t, to solve health problems.

I agree. Computers crunch numbers. They do it really well. Finding patterns in data is what Google and Facebook have been doing for years. They use those patterns to sell you stuff and sell your stuff.

It’s about time we use that compute power to find cures to diseases and further scientific discovery.

Does the Future Look Positive?

Bill says yes… mostly.

Bill mentioned that in the past, 10% of children died before turning five years old, that number is now 5% and believes that by 2030 we can get that number to 2.5%.

He is optimistic about the 5% reduction but wants people to keep working on making that number smaller. Makes sense.

In my article about making changes in your life, I promoted the idea of goals and milestones to reach those goals.

Bill renders that idea, as he wants the deaths before 5 years of age to be as close to zero as possible and taking that number from 10 to 5 to 2.5 percent are all milestones in achieving that goal.

I strongly believe we should all have goals and milestones to reach them in every part of our life: spirituality, finance, relationships, etc.

How you can Help Solve Global Issues

Bill says, go see the issues in person.

You can’t fix a problem you don’t know exists.

Once you’ve truly seen and understand that these problems exist, then you can really help.

Practical advice from Bill: have your kids donate and volunteer at an early age.

Bill’s advice really works. My parents had me donate and volunteer from an early age and to this day I still volunteer with and donate to the same organization.

Bill recommends having your kids choose what they want to donate to. I think this is a great idea, this way they are more emotionally tied to their donation.

Similar to the NFL’s week when all the players wear custom cleats to support a non-profit.

If we give to what we care about, we’ll want to give more.

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