The Martian: A Non-Fiction Sci-Fi Story

I know the title is completely contradictory, but in a way it’s true.
Sure, it does have it’s sci-fi parts (actually making water without destroying the entire hab). The Martian is technologically accurate, as in what it shows is possible for the most part (travel times, rovers, making water and GoPros).

How Does The Martian Compare With Real Life?

  • Product Placements:
    • I noticed that the boots they wear look a lot like Keens. (Not 100% sure on this one, but still.)
    • They use GoPros as webcams. It’s possible. Bit overkill, but GoPros are cool.

Before Mark Watney (Matt Damon) pulled a piece of metal out of his abdomen, he shot himself multiple times with what was likely a local anesthetic.

  • Mark thinks up the potatoes in poop idea right after using the bathroom. He walks over to the poop disposal area and picks up a package of poop. On that package is his name, Mark Watney.
    • My question is, how does the toilet know who’s pooping?
      • Do the astronauts have to punch in that it’s them using the loo?
      • Are they being watch by AI?
      • Do the each have their own lavatory?

To fuse hydrogen and oxygen you don’t actually need as much flame as the burning cross Mark fashioned. All you need is a spark. #relationships

  • It is possible to make water, but it’s a very dangerous task. Like Mark mentioned burning hydrogen and oxygen is the recipe for a hydrogen bomb.
    • He does “blow himself up” on the first try, with reevaluating his calculations he successfully makes water.
      • Realistically, Mark wouldn’t make water with the jerry-rigged tools and how easy it would be to blow up the entire hab and Mark himself to complete smithereens. But, it’s a movie and I like to see success despite impossible odds. Who doesn’t? … La La Land

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